Hasmig Annoush is a jewelry brand based out of Austin, Texas. Hasmig is a talented jewelry maker with a specific vision for her brand. To develop her identity further, she enlisted Jacy’s services to take a deep dive into her brand’s look and feel. Hasmig wanted her story to be shared so that she could connect authentically with her audience of prospective buyers. Together, Jacy and Hasmig sat down to soul search, digging deep into the purpose and soul of Hasmig Annoush Jewelry.     
Once Jacy had a clear vision of who Hasmig was and what story she wanted to tell, she began collecting images that aligned with the aesthetic. She sketched out dozens of logos and went back and forth with Hasmig before nailing down the one that really spoke to them both. From there, Jacy and Hasmig continued to flesh out Hasmig’s brand with color and form identity. 

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