Jacy lives in Oakland, California with her husband and son. She has a BS in Visualization from Texas A&M University, a computer graphics program where she was trained to be a Technical Artist in Animation. She is a Graphic Designer in the Art Department at Pixar Animation Studios, where she has been working since 2015. She is also a photographer and is directing a short animated film with her friends and coworkers called Washed (@washedfilm).
A recent project that Jacy is most proud to have contributed to is the user experience she designed for the BG Character Representation Tool used at Pixar, a tool that allows the art and characters department to track the diversity of its character pool on films, with the goal of proactive diverse and inclusive filmmaking. She is also proud to have contributed LGBTQ+ themed designs on the latest feature she was assigned to, as well as her design contributions to the Women@Pixar Studio Resource Group.
In her spare time, Jacy enjoys spending time with her family. She loves craft beer and cocktails, fashion design and thrifting. She is also learning how to garden (wish her first tomato plant luck!). 

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